Welding Gases, Equipment, Information

Welding Education

MATHESON's Program for Welding Instructors and Students: Welding education is essential to our future position in a global economy … in construction, manufacturing, technology, engineering, and so much more.


E3 Tungsten Electrodes

E3 Tungsten Electrodes - The Preferred Alternative: MATHESON Select E3 Tungsten Electrodes deliver superior arc starting, electrode lifetime, and overall cost-effectiveness. Users of 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes can switch to E3 Tungsten Electrodes with confidence.



PROgram for Improved PROductivity: The MATHESON SelectPRO Program focuses on these three foundations of welding effectiveness: Productivity Improvement, Reduced Cost Per Weld, Optimization of Processes.


Welding Products

Tools, Accessories, PPE, Filler, and more: MATHESON is your source for welding power sources, consumable products, safety equipment and supplies. We carry individual items as well as complete kits. Power tools too!


Shielding Gases

Shielding Gases for Improved Welding Results: MATHESON Select Shielding Gases have been researched and formulated to provide improved welding performance in virtually any welding application.



MATHESON Select is our own premium brand of welding gases and related equipment offering today's welder the highest quality and reliably consistent performance. The MATHESON Select brand includes a growing number of welding accessories, equipment, and consumables.