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Find Us Near You. Retail locations coast-to-coast, plus dedicated safety specialists ready to serve you even if the nearest location is not around the corner.


Personalized, Local Coverage.

We are a team with over 170 store locations in the U.S., staffed with experienced inside and outside sales and support representatives, plus a coast-to-coast team of Safety Specialists.

With that kind of coverage, chances are good that we are nearby. But even if we're not around the corner, personalized service is a phone call away.


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Existing MATHESON customers can add Safety Products to their current accounts, or set up new accounts specifically for Safety. Call or visit your MATHESON Store, contact your MATHESON Representative, or call the number below, and reach out to your Safety Specialist.

Call us today and let us introduce ourselves: (888) 288-8749.

  • Call on us to discuss your safety requirements.
  • Ask us about our commitment to fast, accurate delivery.
  • Discover the experience and expertise of our Safety Specialists. 

We are here to help.

Call: (888) 288-8749.




We work where you work. Contact us at (888) 288-8749, or find the nearest MATHESON Location using our Location Finder.

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Call to request your copy of our catalog: (888) 288-8749