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Our Safety Products Offering. We are positioned to be your single source for safety products, safety equipment, and safety supplies.


For more than 90 years ...

... MATHESON has provided gases, equipment, and expertise to a broad range of industries.

Safety has consistently been our #1 Priority - in our own plants, distribution facilities, laboratories, and offices ... as well as at our customers' sites, our suppliers' sites, and in the communities in which we work.


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Not just a Single Source. Your Best Source.

Our offering for Safety Products is supported by our own coast-to-coast team of dedicated Safety Specialists, the team of MATHESON in-house and outside representatives, and our network of retail locations across the US.

  • We know you want choices, so we've assembled a comprehensive line of safety products from all the leading manufacturers.
  • We know you want reliable delivery, so we offer a suite of delivery options that includes our own trucks.
  • And we know you want value, so we offer competitive pricing and value-added arrangements for contract customers.



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Call to request your copy of our catalog: (888) 288-8749



MATHESON Safety Compliance Statement

"No task is so urgent or important that we do not take the time to perform that task safely and in compliance with government regulations."

We're all about Safety.