MATHESON Purifier Payment Plans

If your capital expense budget is exhausted but you still need a purifier, MATHESON is pleased to provide an option where you can simply expense your purifier and continue with your task of purifying your gas stream.

Here is some initial information on this program. The details will be presented in a quotation.

  • Term: 2 years or the life of the purifier (whichever is shorter). Equal monthly payments over the term of the plan.
  • Ownership: Customer will own the purifier and the customer is responsible for disposal of the purifier when the lifetime is consumed.
  • Performance Guarantee: The product performance will be guaranteed to be free from defects and will last for a defined time based on usage conditions provided by the customer.
  • Price: Both monthly payment price and purchase price will be provided in the quotation upon MATHESON’s receipt of a completed RFQ.

Take the first step: Find out if your application is appropriate for a payment plan solution. Begin by contacting the Purification Team.


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