Nanochem Media and Hardware Systems

Nanochem® Gas Purifiers combine gas-specific purification media and ultra-high purity hardware to create an array of comprehensive solutions for source, point-of-use, bulk, and proximate purification requirements. Nanochem® Gas Purifiers offer the highest lifetimes and the best efficiencies for gas impurity removal.


Gas-specific Purification Media and Ultra-High Purity Hardware

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Nanochem® Gas Purifiers target a range of impurity types, including, but not limited to:

  • moisture
  • hydrocarbons
  • halocarbons
  • CO2
  • oxygen
  • dopants
  • volatile metals
  • and many more

Depending on the application, Nanochem® Gas Purifiers are capable of producing up to nine 9’s purity gas, and serving a wide range of industries including semiconductor manufacturing, LED production, energy processes, welding, and others.

View and/or download the Nanochem® Purifier Brochure for general purifier information. For information about specific purifier media and hardware, see the information below.



Gas Purifier Media


Gas Purifier Hardware Systems