Purification for Electronics Applications

10_Purification of gases used in electronics

Nanochem Gas Purifiers for Electronics Applications such as fabrication of Si-based logic and memory integrated circuits, LEDs, and Flat Panel Displays.



Nanochem UHP Gas Purification.

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Gas Purification Optimized for Semiconductor Fabrication Applications.

Nanochem® Gas Purifiers enable the "extreme purification" of gases used in wafer and semiconductor fabrication, including the removal of dopants and volatile metals.

"Live gas" testing is done to ensure that Nanochem® gas purifiers meet or exceed performance specifications in the specific gas for which they are marketed.

Nanochem® purifiers remove:

  • moisture (water)
  • hydrocarbons
  • halocarbons
  • carbon dioxide
  • oxygen
  • dopants
  • volatile metals
  • more


Please inquire regarding specific impurities of interest to your application.

On this page is a list of gases we purify using Nanochem® gas purifiers.

If a gas of interest to your application does not appear here, please Contact Us.



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Gases We Purify (partial listing)

Items are listed alphabetically by chemical name. For the same list, sorted by chemical formula, visit this page.

If the gas material of interest to you does not appear in this list, please contact us.

Acetylene Hydrogen Bromide
Air Hydrogen Chloride
Ammonia Hydrogen Fluoride
Argon Hydrogen Selenide
Argon (welding) Hydrogen Sulfide
Arsine Isobutane
Arsine (1-10%) Krypton
Boron Trchloride Methane
Boron Trifluoride Methyl Fluoride
Butane Methyl Silane
Butene Methylchloride
Carbon Dioxide MethylMercaptan
Carbon Disulfide Monochlorosilane
Carbon Monoxide Monomethyl Silane
Carbon Tetrachloride Neon
Carbon Tetrafluoride Nitric Oxide
Carbonyl Sulfide Nitrogen
Chlorine Nitrogen Dioxide
Chlorocarbons Nitrous Oxide
Clean Dry Air Octafluorocyclobutane
Cyclo-hydrocarbons Octafluorocyclopentene
Deuterium Octafluoropropane
Dichlorosilane Oxygen
Difluoromethane Ozone
Disilane Perfluorobutane
Ethane Phosgene
Ethylene Phosphine
Fluorocarbons Phosphine (1-10%)
Germane Propane
Germane (1-10%) Propylene
Germanium Tetrachloride Silane
Germanium Tetrafluoride Silicon Tetrachloride
Halocarbons Silicon Tetrafluoride
Helium Sulfur Dioxide
Hexafluorobutadiene Sulfur Hexafluoride
Hexafluoroethane Trichlorosilane
Hexafluoropropylene Trifluoromethane
Hydrocarbons Xenon