Gas-Related Equipment for the Medical Community


Containers, Delivery Systems, Accessories, and Tools for gas and cryogens requirements in the medical field.


As a Total Gas Solutions Provider, MATHESON Delivers More Than Gases to the Medical Gas User

Medical Gas products, whether supplied in bulk form or in cylinders, are really just half the story. We also fill your requirements for containers, delivery systems, and gas-related requirements unique to the medical field.

  • Cylinder gas regulators, flowmeters & flow gauge regulators
  • Cylinder manifold systems – automatic and semi-automatic
  • High volume liquid oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide cylinders 
  • Cylinder storage racks, carts and stands
  • Specially-designed systems to supply oxygen to high volume hyperbaric units
  • Cylinder wall and bench brackets
  • Cryogenic dewars, liquid transfer hoses, cryo guns
  • Hose assemblies, valves and fittings
  • Face shields, safety glasses, thermal gloves
  • Cylinder storage cabinets
  • MRI compatible equipment
  • Freezers and dewars 

Download the MATHESON Medical Gases Brochure.