OxyTOTE is an innovative - and completely self-contained - package for fast, reliable, and safe oxygen use.


OxyTOTE ... innovative design for Portable Oxygen.


  • Preferred system of the clinical community
  • All in one unit, no separate equipment needed
  • Cylinder valve is MRI compatible


MATHESON delivers OxyTOTE.


  • Easy to Use. Easy to read, built in contents gauge indicates how much oxygen is available. 
  • Improved Safety. SureClick feature allows the flow setting to be chosen accurately, reducing the risk of accidents from compressed gas. 
  • Cost Efficient. All in one unit helps reduce expenses associated with order placement, receiving, inventory, and parts allocation. 


Download the MATHESON Medical Gases Brochure.





OxyTOTE™ and SureClick™ are registered trademarks of Western/Scott Fetzer Company.