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Gases for Metal Fabrication: Count on MATHESON Quality and Delivery for ALL of your welding gas needs: including fuel gas, brazing gas, cutting gas, and heating gas.


Fuel Gases and Related Equipment.

Whatever your welding gas needs, there's a MATHESON location or distributor near you with answers and expertise - at your service. We can serve you from around the corner, or by phone, on the road, or online.

For information about using Propylene or Propane as alternatives to Acetylene, read more here.


Read about MATHESON's commitment to welding gases, equipment, and accessories in our Products for Welding and Metal Fabrication brochure.


For information about gases and equipment used in laser cutting systems, and other laser systems, visit our LaserPro™ Gases and Equipment page.

In addition to gases and gas-related accessories (such as regulators, carts, hose, and connectors), MATHESON is also your source for related tools, equipment, consumables, and accessories – such as torches, tips, complete outfits, abrasives, and so forth, including glasses, goggles, and other safety gear.

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Need filler metal, accessories, oxy-fuel outfits, tools, or other welding-related products?

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