Shielding Gases


Shielding Gases for Improved Welding Results: MATHESON Select Shielding Gases have been researched and formulated to provide improved welding performance in virtually any welding application.


MATHESON Select® Shielding Gases Are Designed to Improve Your Welding Results.

improved weld profile on cross-section matheson select shielding gasesWhen developing the line of MATHESON Select® Shielding Gases, we “threw out the book” on conventional shielding gas mixture composition. We studied ultra-high speed video of droplet formation and plasma stability. We studied weld consistency. We looked at weld cross-sections to observe weld depth, shape, porosity, and metallurgical characteristics.

The result is a line of welding shielding gases that helps you get better productivity and efficiency, while at the same time, achieving higher quality welding results.

Improved Safety and Environmental Impact

  • Reduced fumes & hexavalent chromium emissions
  • Lower environmental impact

Enhanced Weld Quality

  • AWS A5.32 compliant homogeneous mixtures ensure consistently high mechanical properties and reduced porosity

Lower Welding Costs

  • Reduced cost / ft and cost / lb
  • Improved productivity by as much as 40%

Select MATHESON shielding gases to help you improve your bottom line and for welding process improvement in terms of: productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Shielding Gas Data Sheet and Selection Chart

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Shielding Gas Data Sheet and Selection Chart - Español

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Shielding Gas Mixtures Information

AO-2 Carbon Steel
C-25 Carbon Steel
C-10 Carbon Steel
C-20 Carbon Steel
C-104 Carbon Steel / Galvanized Steel
C-2 Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
C-15 Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
HC-925 Stainless Steel
H-3 Stainless Steel (300 series)
HC-725 Stainless Steel / Nickel-based Alloys
HC-332 Stainless Steel / Nickel-based Alloys
HC-1018 Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel
DP-1021 Duplex / Super Duplex
DP-122 Duplex / Super Duplex
Ar Aluminum / Non-ferrous
He-25 Aluminum / Non-ferrous
He-50 Aluminum / Non-ferrous
He-75 Aluminum / Non-ferrous
APN-7* Aluminum
HENON-237* Aluminum
APN-10* Aluminum
HEPN-10* Aluminum

*Patent pending

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