MATHESON Select is our own premium brand of welding gases and related equipment offering today's welder the highest quality and reliably consistent performance. The MATHESON Select brand includes a growing number of welding accessories, equipment, and consumables.


Gas Equipment, Welding Products, Accessories, Supplies, and Filler Metal (and more - much more).

The MATHESON Select® Brand Name is our assurance that these products will perform to our high standards of quality and safety.

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Read about MATHESON's commitment to welding gases, equipment, and accessories in our Products for Welding and Metal Fabrication brochure.


Also see information on MATHESON Select Shielding Gases. MATHESON Select Shielding Gases are manufactured and mixed to AWS A5.32 and ISO 14.175 standards, and formulated for improved results in specific applications and processes.

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Need filler metal, accessories, oxy-fuel outfits, tools, or other welding-related products?

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