Purification for Welding Applications


The WeldAssure Series of Nanochem Purifiers helps to eliminate contamination, which is an unpredictable barrier to success in high technology welding.


Gas Purification for Welding Applications

Gas purification for welding applications is not limited to only the most demanding orbital welding applications. The fact is that gas contamination can interfere with welding performance in ANY application, and lead to oxidation, poor appearance, inconsistent bead appearance, and weld strength. 

Gas purification is particularly beneficial in robotic welding - where it's desirable to factor OUT as many variables as possible. 

Of course, gas purification is essential in food, beverage, and medical applications.

Gas purification means less frequent operator intervention, fewer piece rejects, and better overall productivity.

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For additional technical information, please see these items dealing specifically with welding purification applications.

Purifier Media

Welding Application Description

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WeldAssure Welding Gas Purifiers

  • Up to 50 slpm (100 cfh, 3 NM3 /hr)
  • Up to 200 psig (1.5 MPa)
  • Built-in 1-valve (4-Way valve) bypass
  • Check valve at outlet to protect canister media from air intrusion when gas flow is stopped
  • Visual end-point detection
  • Field-replaceable canister
  • Inexpensive – Brass components & disposable aluminum canister
  • Optional refillable stainless canister
  • Optional stainless components with stainless canister