Nanochem Technical Papers and Information Library


The Nanochem Technical Library contains a partial list of technical resources covering analytical efficacy, process applications and demonstrated affect on end products such as wafers and devices.


Gas Purification Technical Information

The tables below list technical papers, posters, and publications about Nanochem purifier material types. The list is sorted into groups based on usage with different gas types and applications. The items listed here comprise a partial listing.

The purifier material type (Metal-X, NHX, OMX, etc.) is listed on the left and the name of the publication is listed on the right. Click on the name of the publication to view and/or download a copy.

Please contact a Purifier Expert for other technical information relevant to your application and interests beyond that which is listed here.

Purification of Corrosive Gases

CleanCorr Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride for Selective Etch Processes:  Measurement and Control of Water and Metallic Impurities
Metal-X NANOCHEM® Metal-X™ Corrosive Gas Purification
Metal-X High Pressure POU Purification of Corrosive Gases
Metal-X Measurement and Control of Trace Moisture in Corrosive Gases
Metal-X Moisture requirement in RPCVD Si epitaxy
Metal-X Contamination Control in Carbon Monoxide Processes
Metal-X Removal of Volatile Metals from Corrosive Gases by a New Purifier
Metal-X Advances in Purifier Technology: Removal of Volatile Metal Complexes and Moisture From HCl and CO Etch Gases
Metal-X New Corrosive Gas Purifier Offers Improved Moisture Performance and Removal of Volatile Metal Complexes
Metal-X SemiCon West 2001 - Removal of Volatile Metals from Corrosive Gases by a New Purifier



Purification of Hydrides

ASX-II  Characterization of High-Purity Arsine and Gallium Arsenide Epilayers Grown 
PHX Trace Moisture Contamination in UHP PH3 Techniques for Measurement and Control
PHX Factors Influencing the Purity of Electronic Grade Phosphine Delivered to MOCVD Tools
ASX,NHX,PHX Detection and Control of Oxy-Impurities in Group V Hydride Gases and Gas Delivery Systems
Review of Integrated Contamination Control for GaAS and InP MOVCD Process
OMA Evaluation Of Commercial Ammonia Purifiers
OMA Using tunable diode laser spectroscopy to detect trace moisture in  ammonia
NHX-plus, In2Go
Identification and Quantification of Impurities Critical to the Performance on Nitride
NHX, NHX-plus, In2Go Impurities in Hydride Gases Part 1
NHX, NHX-plus, In2Go Impurities in Hydride Gases Part 2
NHX-plus Measurement and Control of Trace Carbon Dioxide in Ultra-High Purity Ammonia for the Semiconductor Industry
NHX-plus Effect of Moisture in Ammonia on LED Device Performance Poster Final -  ICMOVPE 2010



Purification of
Non-Methane Hydrocarbons

HCX New Purifier Material for Hydrocarbon Removal from Process Gases



Purification of Welding Gases

OMX  How Weld Torch Hose Materials Affect Shielding Gas Quality
OMX  Porosity in Aluminum Welding 
OMX  Getting it Right Gases in Welding
OMX Shielding Gas Quality Improves Weld Quality
OMX, In2Go, WeldAssure Nanochem - Welding



Gas Purification in Abatement Applications

Ultimasorb Developments in Abatement Technology for MOCVD Processing




GuardBed Presentation on GuardBed Information
GuardBed General Information on Desulfurization Materials, Capabilities and Applications
GuardBed Products for Desulfurization of Hydrocarbons
GuardBed Products for Natural Gas
GuardBed Turnkey Desulfurization/Purification Solutions
GuardBed Products for Liquid Fuels
GuardBed Hydrocarbon Feed Stream vs. GuardBed Product Cross Reference Table




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