Nanochem Gas Purifiers are designed for Ultra High Purity applications – including comprehensive solutions for source, point-of-use, bulk, and proximate purification – delivering up to nine 9’s purity gas.

Nanochem Gas Purifiers for Electronics Applications such as fabrication of Si-based logic and memory integrated circuits, LEDs, and Flat Panel Displays.

The WeldAssure Series of Nanochem Purifiers helps to eliminate contamination, which is an unpredictable barrier to success in high technology welding.

The Nanochem GuardBed Series of Deep De-Sulfurization purifiers specifically targets sulfur removal - to (and beyond) sub PPM levels for many liquids and gases such as natural gas, refinery feed streams, and fuels (gasoline, diesel, jet).

For Instrument and Laboratory Applications, choose: Gas Purifiers - in-line and cartridge types for removal of oxygen, hydrocarbons, water; and In-line Gas Filters - all-welded depth filters, high pressure filters, high purity membrane types.

The Nanochem Technical Library contains a partial list of technical resources covering analytical efficacy, process applications and demonstrated affect on end products such as wafers and devices.

By design, the media and hardware components for our standard configuration Nanochem Gas Purifiers are always on-hand - so we ship most purifiers the day after we receive the order - sometimes same day!

Our Interactive Nanochem Purifier Selector Tool makes it easy to choose a gas purifier that matches your requirements. Simply enter the gas and conditions that describe your application, and let the selector tool do the rest.