HyCO Operations and Monitoring Capabilities

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Our HyCO Operations and Monitoring expertise utilizes onsite and remote tools for maximum efficiency.


H2, CO, and Syngas Plant Operations:
Onsite and Remote Operations Technology

MATHESON's experienced HyCO Team is able to manage hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and syngas production with onsite personnel as well as 24/7 remote monitoring and operation.

Our tools include gas production remote monitoring to continually observe and control what IS happening, as well as specialized simulation tools to visualize what SHOULD be happening. The result is a world-class, state-of-the-art remote operations control center that is also able to analyze, evaluate, and simulate plant operations as an aid in improving efficiency.


Core Competencies

Understanding the complexities of onsite hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and syngas production - and being able to leverage that understanding into efficient and safe gas operations - is at the heart of our competencies, made possible by:

  • Highly experienced team
  • Remote Operations Center (ROC) monitors/operates HyCO plants
  • High operating reliability (typically >99%)
  • Outstanding proven safety record


HyCO Remote Operations Center (ROC)

hyco remote operations center promotes efficiency and reliability

The MATHESON HyCO Remote Operations Center (ROC) promotes plant safety, reliability, and efficiency by monitoring plant operations 24/7/365. The ROC monitors and operates MATHESON HyCO plants in the USA, and is capable of offering these services to HyCO plants anywhere in the world.

The MATHESON HyCO Remote Operations Center (ROC) operates separately from MATHESON's Air Separation Units ROC. This allows both ROC locations to utilize specialized tools and specially trained experts to focus on their lines of product at each location.


  • First point of contact for safety incidents and man down
  • Extra set of eyes on plants
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis


  • Reduce internally caused downtimes
  • Improve operational performance
  • Reduce cost of downtime
  • Document and distribute lessons learned and best practices


  • Develop tools to evaluate and improve efficiency
  • Methodically analyze processes and equipment
  • Deliver synergies and savings
  • Drive growth


Real Time Dashboard

The MATHESON HyCO Remote Operations Center (ROC) enables detailed drill-down for status monitoring and control. A simplified dashboard enables ROC operators to view all sites in snapshot mode, which is useful for simple status monitoring and for early alerts to system performance changes.

ROC performance dashboard




HyCO Syngas

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Remote Operations Center Tools

In addition to monitoring plant performance, and exerting remote control over plant systems, simulation tools in the Remote Operations Center enable us to perform high value assessments.

smr simulator

SMR Simulator

  • Dynamic simulator that allows operators to train in startups, shutdowns, process upsets, and mechanical failures.
  • Integrates actual PCS7 logic and graphics of the plant with modeled responses to provide realistic feedback to operators.
  • Able to test impact of logic changes prior to real-world implementation.
  • Can write procedures before plant is ever commissioned.


simulate future hyco plant expansions

Simulation of Plant Expansion and Load Scenarios

  • Ability to add more plants to simulator and allow remote access for operators across fleet.
  • Utilize Microsoft Excel VBA for more realistic and dynamic plant responses.
  • Use of virtual controllers to quickly load scenarios, pause/rewind simulations, and allow more flexibility in models.