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MATHESON HyCO Business at a Glance. Our H2, CO, and Syngas expertise and capabilities.


H2, CO, and Syngas Production:
Expertise with Global Reach

For customers in need of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or both (HyCO or syngas), MATHESON can provide Over-The-Fence (OTF) supply service to generate the gas(es) onsite and/or supply via pipeline.

MATHESON's Global Center of Excellence for HyCO is located in Basking Ridge, NJ, USA and Remote Operations Center (ROC) is located in Houston, TX.

MATHESON's HyCO operations and technical leadership were transferred from Linde's HyCO operations in early 2019, and were combined with MATHESON's existing HyCO assets. Global gas major Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp (TNSC) is the parent company of MATHESON.


Reliability and Safety

MATHESON's HyCO reliability and safety record speaks for itself; we welcome the opportunity to talk about it. At MATHESON, Safety and Reliability are our first priorities.

culture of safety


Core HyCO Offerings

New Plants: Hydrogen/Syngas/CO Onsite Supply (Over The Fence - OTF)

  • Supply of Hydrogen, Syngas or CO (Carbon Monoxide) to one or multiple customers from on-site plants or pipeline.
  • Long term supply contracts provide predictable price and guarantee efficiency and reliability.
  • MATHESON undertakes full scope of responsibility from solution design through lifecycle supply of gases and co-products such as steam.


Existing Plants: Assume Ownership, Optimize, and Convert to OTF

  • Purchase Hydrogen/Syngas/CO Plants from customer; design and deploy improvements.
  • MATHESON will subsequently own, operate, maintain and optimize plant operations and supply.


H2 Balance Integration and Optimization




Utilization of Multiple Technologies and Execution Strategies

  • MATHESON has access and partnerships with leading technology suppliers.
  • We are able to tailor technology and engineering procurement and construction (EPC) to provide the most competitive solution.




HyCO Syngas

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Project Execution

Operations and Monitoring


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