Gas Detection


MATHESON offers an extensive line of quality gas detection products specifically designed to assure your working environment is a safe place. We have been handling gases safely for more than eighty-five years. Products include portable, wearable, and fixed detectors.


Gas Detection - Including Leak Detectors, Multi-gas Detectors, Personal Monitors, Fixed Gas Monitors, Air Samplers, and Specialty Detectors.

Our experience translates directly to you through new product ideas and innovations. Nearly two hundred gases can now be detected or monitored with MATHESON gas detection instrumentation. Whether your application calls for Air Samplers, Leak Detectors, or Personal Monitors, MATHESON has a product that will fit your needs.



Portable Glass Tube Gas and Vapor Detection System and Accessories

Portable Gas Mixture Calibration Kits, including Portable Gas Cylinders

Portable and Fixed Station Gas Detectors



Gas Handling

Need a gas detector, detector tubes, or other related specialty gas equipment?

specialty gas equipment

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For Instruction Manuals and reference information about cylinders, conversions, and safety, visit our Publications Library.


General Purpose Gas Detector
8058 General Purpose Gas Detector


matheson kitagawa glass tube gas detection system
Kitagawa Portable Gas and Vapor Detector


Portable Gas Leak Detector
Model 8081A Toxic Gas Leak Detector


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