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MATHESON Flow Measurement and Control products include a broad range of flowmeters and rotameters, plus gas proportioners, gas mixers, mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers, plus systems for gas blending and gas dilution.


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Gas Flowmeter Model FM1000 and FM1050

Gas Flowmeters: Basic Flowmeters Product Information


Gas Flowmeters: Mass Flow Measurement and Control Product Information

Mass Flow Controller for gas blending

Mass Flow Transducer for standalone application or remote control




Gas Handling

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What is the difference between a Rotameter and a Flowmeter?

All rotameters are flowmeters, but not all flowmeters are rotameters. 

A rotameter measures flow rate in a closed tube - characterized by a tapered tube and some sort of float (typically a sphere). By definition, "rotameters" exclude any type of flow measurement device that does not employ a tube and float. Ironically, the element called the "float" does not actually float on the fluid being measured. 

A flowmeter, broadly defined, is any device that measures flow, and therefore includes all rotameters, plus any other devices designed for the task of measuring flow.


For Rotameter Operation Instructions, Rotameter Calibration Information, and other useful information:

rotameter FAQ

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