Cryogenic Storage


MATHESON offers scalable turnkey cryogenic storage solutions to meet the needs of any size hospital, medical or research laboratory, biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, and even the largest biological samples repository.


MATHESON cryo-systems are available in a variety of configurations for on-site storage or transporting, in either liquid or vapor storage environments.

Key benefits of MATHESON cryogenic storage solutions:

• Low cryogen consumption

• Automatic cryogen level control

• Reduced maintenance requirements

• Reduced installation and startup time and costs

MATHESON is dedicated to enhancing your success by understanding your specific cryo-storage requirements and providing value added solutions. We stand ready to assist in every phase of your cryo-storage solution implementation.

Cryoroom design

• Facility layout

• Equipment selection and specification

• Liquid nitrogen safety and site-specific risk assessment

Cryo-storage equipment

• Freezers and accessories supply and installation

Cryogen supply and storage

• Dewar or bulk liquid nitrogen supply

• Portable and stationary liquid nitrogen storage systems design and installation

• Cryogen distribution piping design and installation

Cryogenic systems monitoring and inventory management

• Real time local and remote freezer operation and alarm monitoring

• Area oxygen deficiency monitoring

• Cryogen levels monitoring and delivery scheduling

• Sample bar-coding/tracking system

Comprehensive post-sale service and support

• Customer training on cryopreservation equipment operation

• Troubleshooting and technical support by factorytrained technicians

• Flexible maintenance contracts


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