Pipeline Gas Delivery

20_over the fence pipeline delivery of nitrogen and oxygen

Pipeline Gas Delivery enables large consumers of oxygen and/or nitrogen to share the output of a single air separation unit (ASU).


Over-the-fence Pipeline Delivery of Nitrogen and Oxygen

Pipeline gas delivery is an option that can help address high and continuous gas demand, in a region with multiple nitrogen and/or oxygen users.

Rather than building a single on-site plant on a user-owned site, an ASU is built off-site, and a pipeline network is built to serve multiple customers. In some cases, more than one ASU may be constructed to feed the network.section of pipeline for delivery of nitrogen to nearby gas users

Pipeline supply can also be an option where the customer does not have room for an on-site plant, but land is available nearby.

Pipeline customers will enter into a long-term supply agreement to cover their gas usage, including potential high volume periods, outages, etc.

When there are multiple large users in a service area and there is also a demand for delivery-based merchant products, MATHESON can supply the former by pipeline and the latter by delivery. Overall, this can lower the total cost of gas supply for everyone… making a pipeline agreement a “win-win” for everyone.




Interested in starting a dialogue about pipeline delivery of oxygen or nitrogen?

Contact the Engineering Experts directly.


You're not sure if an onsite plant or pipeline delivery is better for you?

Let MATHESON help you "run the numbers," and assess the demand in your immediate region.


When available, what gases can be supplied by pipeline?

Typically, pipeline delivery is limited to nitrogen and/or oxygen.