Portable Gas Cylinders


MATHESON Portables are available in a variety of cylinder sizes to meet application needs for industrial hygiene and safety, environmental monitoring, toxic organic measurements, laboratory field analysis, and more.


Gases in Portable Cylinders and Lecture Bottles are Ideal for Use in the Field or for Classroom Use

MATHESON Portables is a sweeping product line including pure gases, calibration standards, multicomponent mixtures, and two component mixtures. 

  • Packaging for standards and mixtures includes lightweight aluminum cylinders and portable steel cylinders. Many are intended for one-time use, and are disposable. NOTE: Not all lightweight portable cylinders are disposable. Check label.

  • A complete array of pure gases is offered in classic lecture bottles.

Complete portable calibration kits include cylinders, regulators, and associated accessories.

A full line of portable cylinder equipment - for portable cylinders and lecture bottles - is also available (see below, and also in the Gas Handling section on this website for lecture bottle regulators, stands, and gas cabinets).




MATHESON is credited with the invention of the lecture bottle.

archive photo of lecture bottle portable gas cylinder with regulator attached



Need a regulator or other related specialty gas equipment?

specialty gas equipment

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For reference information about cylinders, conversions, and safety, visit our Publications Library.