Resonator and Assist Gases for Lasers


Laser Gases. Our LaserPro line of gases and equipment is specifically designed to meet the purity and performance requirements for use in lasers.


Resonator Gases, Assist Gases, and Process Gases Used in Laser Applications.

ALSO: Manifolds, regulators, switchovers, and gas control systems specifically suited to laser applications.

LaserPro gases and systems are designed to meet and exceed laser system manufacturer and user requirements – including resonator gases, assist gases, process gases. MATHESON also offers related equipment.

We stand ready to supply gases in bulk, liquid Dewars, tube trailers, or high pressure cylinders. Our qualified laser experts can determine and recommend the best method to meet the specific flow and pressure parameters for your laser. Simply contact MATHESON for more information on LaserPro gases.

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As a leading supplier of laser gases, MATHESON has the experience and expertise to make your operation productive and profitable. We provide a complete line of high purity gas products, specifically designed for lasers, including laser resonator gases, laser assist and process gases.

MATHESON provides the total gas supply system, including high quality gas control equipment specifically designed for laser applications. MATHESON can provide customized solutions specific to your requirements, and provide the complete turnkey system.

MATHESON also provides you with one source for all of your laser support service needs. Contact MATHESON today - the only supplier of the gold standard in laser gases.

LaserPro™ Gas Mixtures Purity Specifications (ppm unless otherwise noted)

  Minimum Purity Maximum Impurities (ppm) Nitrogen Oxygen Total Hydrocarbons Water
Helium 99.998% 30 - 3 1 3
Nitrogen 99.998% 20 - 5 1 3
Carbon Dioxide 99.995% - - 10 1 10


MATHESON supplies a broad range of lasing gases – nitrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, carbon monoxide – in any grade needed to meet your requirements, including high purity. Cylinder gas mixtures can be preblended in any composition desired, eliminating the need to mix gases in house.

MATHESON offers gas mixtures and mixing components for use in both flow-through and sealed cavity lasers.



Gas Equipment Considerations for Laser Gases

Resonator Gases need to be of higher purity to ensure optimum laser performance. 

Assist Gases, while less demanding of purity, will typically require high pressure and flow.

In both cases, the demands on the gas handling system components are out of the ordinary, and laser performance is the highest priority. "General purpose" equipment simply won’t do – these systems require equipment components suited to the task.



Gas Equipment for Laser Resonator Gases

Impurities in Resonator Gases can damage optics and reduce laser beam quality. Proper high-purity equipment is essential to maintaining the purity of laser gases.

MATHESON’s LaserPro™ regulators and switchover systems have the same high-quality components (stainless-steel diaphragms, high leak integrity, etc.) used for years in critical laboratory and research applications.

LaserPro™ switchover systems provide continuous supply of Resonator Gas eliminating the need to shut down for cylinder change outs, enhancing productivity. Systems are available for CO2/N2/He premix or for individual pure gases (real time mixing). Rack or wall mount.



Gas Equipment for Laser Assist Gases

Assist Gases often require high pressures and flow rates. The MATHESON LPHF Assist Gas Regulators utilize dome-loaded regulators to handle this heavy duty application. The advantage of dome-loaded regulators is the stable delivery pressure under varying flow conditions, as well as almost-instantaneous flow when the laser calls for assist gas.

A standard spring-loaded diaphragm regulator experiences some lag time before flows and pressures stabilize. Dome-loaded technology allows for faster piercing times which are especially important if the customer nests many parts on one sheet. The dome-loaded regulators are also very durable, outlasting their spring-loaded counterparts.





laser gas switchover system

Laser Gas Manifold and Switchover


laser gas equipment, regulators, hoses, connectors

MATHESON supplies complete gas handling provisions for all type of gases, including laser gases.


For reference information about cylinders, conversions, and safety, visit our Publications Library.