Gas Generators for Zero Air and Hydrogen

97_hydrogen and zero air gas generators

Gas Generators are often useful substitutes for cylinders in applications requiring low to moderate flow.


MATHESON supplies and supports Hydrogen Generators and Zero Air Generators.


Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen Generators are used most often in the laboratory for gas chromatography (and GC/MS) as a carrier gas. MATHESON Hydrogen Generators dissociate water to form hydrogen and oxygen. No caustic solutions are used. It is practical to use one generator to supply multiple instruments.


Zero Air Generators

Zero Air Generators are used most often for use with GC Flame Ionization Detectors (FID), Flame Photometric Detectors (FPD), and Nitrogen Phosphorus Detectors (NPD).

MATHESON Zero Air Generators use plant compressed air to produce UHP zero air. A pre-filter removes bulk moisture and particulates. A catalytic combustion module removes hydrocarbons and CO. A high performance generator model adds a pressure swing adsorption step (for water and CO2) and a scrubber (for NOx). At the exit, a second filter removes residual moisture and particulates.


Both generator types have numerous applications in addition to those listed here.





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