MATHESON proudly offers a broad line of gas pressure regulators - including brass regulators, stainless steel regulators, and Monel regulators - in single stage and dual stage regulator designs, and suitable for a wide range of applications.


We Can Help You Choose a Gas Pressure Regulator.

Whether your requirement is as simple as pressure control of house air for dusting, or as demanding as ultra-high purity gas control in semiconductor or trace analysis applications, MATHESON has the regulator you need and the expertise to help you get the most out of it.

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Cross Purge Assembly for gas cylinder change over


What is the function of a Cross Purge Assembly?


Used during cylinder changeovers, a cross purge assembly serves two purposes:

  1. PURITY - helps to prevent contamination of the gas stream hardware components by blocking the entry of ambient impurities
  2. SAFETY - enables safe venting of toxic gases that would otherwise be released during changeover


Single stage and dual stage gas pressure regulators

Single Stage Regulators Compared to Dual Stage Regulators.

Single Stage regulators - if left unadjusted - inherently exhibit an increase in output pressure as the cylinder pressure declines. If your gas usage is on for short periods, and/or periodic pressure re-adjustment is practical, then a single stage regulator is a useful choice.

Dual Stage regulators will maintain a more constant outlet pressure - even as the pressure in the cylinder declines. So, if your application is one where gas flow is ON for long periods, AND pressure changes are not desirable - then you should choose a dual stage regulator.

Single Stage regulators are also ideal for point of use installations on site-wide gas distribution systems. Site-wide systems (or building-wide systems) typically provide pressure control at the gas source - thus constituting the "first stage of a dual stage regulator." Downstream, at the point of use, such as a lab bench, a single stage regulator constitutes the second stage. This is why Line Regulators invariably are single stage devices.

Refer to Product Line Overview document for additional insights.


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