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MATHESON developed the lecture bottle in the late 1920's. Today, we offer stands, regulators, lecture bottle cabinets, and other accessories for this important lab tool.


Pressure Regulators, Valves, Cylinder Stands and Cabinets Designed for Use with Lecture Bottles.

A wide range of gases and mixtures is offered in the lecture bottle format. Lecture bottles, of course, are well-suited for instructional applications - the origin of the name "lecture bottle."

Lecture bottles are also a popular choice for difficult mixtures, rare gases, toxic gases, and mixtures subject to expiry, where the quantities contained in larger cylinders would pose additional financial or exposure risks.

Lecture bottle equipment brings the same level of performance and safety to the lecture bottle format as is found in conventional equipment.

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Gas Regulators for Lecture Bottles

Lecture Bottle Stands, Cabinets, Control Valves



Gas Handling

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MATHESON is credited with the invention of the lecture bottle.

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