Food Freezing Solutions

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Turnkey Food Freezing Solutions include more than on-time Nitrogen or CO2 deliveries. MATHESON supplies freezers, insulated pipe, installation components, and the expertise to commission them and keep them going.


Everything You Need for Your Food Freezing Application.

Food Freezing Expertise.

MATHESON's commitment to your success in Food Freezing begins with the expertise we have assembled to help you address your food freezing application. Our team is experienced in assessing feasibility, freezer sizing, installations (storage vessels, piping, valving, venting), service, upgrades, and systems maintenance.

photo of air separation plant for Nitrogen production

Dependable Nitrogen and CO2 Delivery.

As a leading suppler of industrial gases, MATHESON offers coast-to-coast bulk supply of liquid Nitrogen and liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Our centralized operations, sophisticated logistics, and available telemetry ensure our customers of a reliably sustainable and uninterrupted supply of N2 and CO2.

Your supply agreement might include the use of your current liquid storage vessel (if you have one). If not, MATHESON storage vessels are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, ensuring complete capacity suitability for your application and dimensional suitability for your site.  

tunnel freezer and spiral freezer

Food Freezers of All Types.

As part of our commitment to turnkey food freezing solutions, we also can supply you with the freezers themselves (we offer new as well as refurbished freezing equipment). MATHESON offers batch freezers, tunnel freezers, spiral freezers, and immersion freezers - of all sizes.

Freezer specifications and configuration will depend on your application, and how (or if) the freezer will be integrated into your production line. The MATHESON food freezing team can help you determine your requirements, and make the best choice for your needs.

Installation Components, Tanks, Pipe, Valves.

We could not stake a claim for total freezing solutions without offering all the necessary installation components, such as storage tanks, insulated pipe (foam insulated or vacuum insulated), valves, flexible hose, and related hardware.

foam insulated pipe installed on a rooftop

We strive to help you comply with applicable local regulations, national codes, and federal guidelines.

For your piping and transport requirements - both indoors and out - you can rely on our experience to guide you to the right choices, perform a timely installation, and ensure trouble-free startup.

Ongoing Support for Food Freezing.

The MATHESON food freezing team is prepared to help you select the components you need to address your application. We are also in a position to help you design it, install it, commission it, and keep it running - including maintenance and expansions. Since our product line includes refurbished equipment, we can add value to your current system by taking it in trade.

Our commitment is an end-to-end commitment that goes beyond delivery of product. We are committed to your success in food freezing. And we have the experience to make it happen.




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Contact Us for Additional Food Freezing Information

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You may also contact us with general questions or with a specific inquiry leading to a proposal:

  • Contact the Food Freezing team at: 1-626-960-5155
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Are You Looking for a Refurbished Freezer?

Contact us as suggested above for information on ANY of our products, both new and refurbished. You may also view a partial inventory of our currently-offered Refurbished Freezers.


Food Freezing Gallery

FREEZERS - we supply both new products and select refurbished, previously used food freezers of all types.

batch freezer

Batch Freezers - Perfect for specialty producers. Designed to accept standard bakers pans and racks directly. Available in benchtop versions and freestanding versions for racks.


tunnel freezer

Tunnel Freezers - The workhorse of the industry. These are designed for continuous freezing of products. The tunnel is installed within your production line. Various widths and lengths can be constructed to suit any production requirement.


spiral freezer

Spiral Freezers - Designed for freezing products requiring long process times, high volumes, or restricted floorspace.


Immersion Freezer

Immersion Freezers - A specialty freezer for hearty products that can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen. These are used extensively in the pharmaceutical and seafood industries.


PIPE - we supply pipe and related connection hardware, valves, and more.

Foam insulated copper pipe

Foam Insulated Copper Pipe - This cost effective method of insulating the cryogenic lines saves valuable energy.


vacuum insulated pipe

Vacuum Insulated Pipe - A highly efficient insulation system. The vacuum provides one of the best insulation methods currently known saving money and efficiency.


flexible vacuum insulated pipe

Flexible Vacuum Insulated Pipe - Shown as part of an outdoor storage vessel installation.