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Gases and Specialty Products for Craft Brewing: Gases, gas handling equipment (regulators, valves), brewery specialty products, and products for cleaning and sanitizing.


Gases, Gas Equipment, and Specialty Products for Craft Brewing

For more than 90 years, MATHESON has provided gases, equipment, and expertise to a wide range of industries – including food/beverage, laboratory research, industrial production, medicine, and many others.

The MATHESON team of brewing specialists is dedicated to gases and equipment of special importance to craft brewers. We offer many of these specialized products with off-the-shelf delivery, plus, our specialists can help you choose and use these tools for optimum results.


How Gases are Used in Craft Brewing

  • Refrigeration and blanketing of brewing ingredients, intermediates, and product
  • Yeast pre-oxygenation
  • Pressure transfer of beer product
  • Carbonation or nitrogenation of brew product
  • Gas purging of beer making equipment
  • Gas purging and gas blanketing for beer preservation and anti-oxidation
  • Gases also support craft brewing in applications such as in the lab, brewery maintenance, equipment fabrication and repair, power generation, forklift fuel, and HVAC

Count on MATHESON for Quality, Purity, On-time Delivery, and Safety.

Gases for craft brewing

Different grades/purities of gases may be chosen, depending upon the application, such as Food Grade Gases, Beverage Gases, Specialty Gases, Industrial Gases, and Welding Gases (including our exclusive MATHESON Select® Welding Mixtures).

MATHESON’s full range of container types for gas or liquid supply, ensures that you will get exactly what you need for your application. For Craft Brewing, MATHESON offers gases in cylinders, liquid dewars, microbulk supply, and bulk delivery of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen.

Gas containers used in craft beer making


Applications for Gases in Craft Brewing

Follow the links below to learn more about specific recommendations of gases, purities, and means of delivery for application in craft brewing.

Gases for Craft Beer Making Applications. (Click for details)
From Yeast Activation to Blanketing to Carbonation to Pressure Transfer. This table pairs the gases with craft beer making steps, including empty barrel preservation by SO2.

Gases Used in the Craft Beer Lab. (Click for details)
In the lab, special gases are used for instrumentation and for growing yeast cultures.

Gases for Brewery Facility Maintenance, Power, Heating. (Click for details)
Facility and equipment fabrication and maintenance often requires welding/shielding gases, welding equipment and related accessories. Propane is a valuable fuel for powering forklifts, heaters, and power generators.


Specifications of Gases Used in Craft Brewing

The links below provide detailed specifications about the individual products used in craft beer making and in brewery support.

Craft Beer Making Gases (Click items below for details)

Other Applications for Gases in Craft Brewing (Click items below for details)


Sizes of Gas Cylinders and other Containers for Craft Brewing Gases

Gas cylinders and liquid containers are available in a variety of sizes.




Food and Beverage

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About our Craft Brewing Specialty

Our reach is national through all of the MATHESON network in the US. Beyond the US, our reach is global through our MATHESON-owned affiliates, our parent-owned affiliates, and our channel partners.

Count on us for gases used in the brewing process, including Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, and Bev-gas products.

Also count on MATHESON for the equipment used in brewing such as blanket devices, sparging stones, barrel gassing systems & components, hose, valves, and so forth. You can also rely on our experience to help you select and deploy these tools.

Click on the Location Finder link at the top of this page for information on how to contact the MATHESON location nearest you.

One-Stop Supply for Craft Brewing Gases and Equipment

  • Carbon Dioxide 
  • Nitrogen 
  • Helium 
  • Sulfur Dioxide 
  • Propane
  • Acetylene
  • Gas Handling Equipment
  • Specialty Tools and Equipment