Electronics Gases Purification


Purification. As gas purification experts, MATHESON is keenly aware of the challenges you face involving gas purification, flow rates, pressures, purifier capacity, process contamination, and gas purifier lifetime.


Nanochem® Gas Purifiers enable the "extreme purification" of gases used in wafer and semiconductor fabrication.

Including the removal of dopants and volatile metals.


"Live gas" testing is done to ensure that Nanochem® gas purifiers meet or exceed performance specifications in the specific gas for which they are marketed.

Nanochem® purifiers remove: button for Gas Purifier Selection and Configuration Tool

  • moisture (water)
  • hydrocarbons
  • halocarbons
  • carbon dioxide
  • oxygen
  • dopants
  • volatile metals
  • more

Please inquire regarding specific impurities of interest to your application.

On this page is a list of gases we purify using Nanochem® gas purifiers.

If a gas of interest to your application does not appear here, please Contact Us.

Additional details concerning all of our products for purification (including hardware, media, and featuring an interactive online purifier selection tool) can be found in the Purification section of this website.




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Gases We Purify (partial listing)

For a complete overview of all of our Purification Products and Technology, see the Purification section of this website.

Items are listed alphabetically by chemical formula. For the same list, sorted by chemical name, visit this page.

If the gas material of interest to you does not appear in this list, please contact us

 Air Air
 Ar Argon
 Ar (weld) Argon (welding)
 AsH3 Arsine
 AsH3 Arsine (1-10%)
 BCl3 Boron Trichloride
 BF3 Boron Trifluoride
 C2F6 Hexafluoroethane
 C2H2 Acetylene
 C2H4 Ethylene
 C2H6 Ethane
 C3F6 Hexafluoropropylene
 C3F8 Octafluoropropane
 C3H6 Propylene
 C3H8 Propane
 C4F10 Perfluorobutane
 C4F6 Hexafluorobutadiene
 C4F8 Octafluorocyclobutane
 C4H10 Butane
 C4H10 Isobutane
 C4H8 Butene
 C5F8 Octafluorocyclopentene
 CCl2O Phosgene
 CCl4 Carbon Tetrachloride
 CDA Clean Dry Air
 CF4 Carbon Tetrafluoride
 CH2F2 Difluoromethane
 CH3Cl Methylchloride
 CH3SH MethylMercaptan
 CH3SiH3 Monomethyl Silane
 CH4 Methane
 CHF3 Methyl Fluoride
 CHF3 Trifluoromethane
 Chlorocarbons Chlorocarbons
 Cl2 Chlorine
 CO Carbon Monoxide
 CO2 Carbon Dioxide
 COS Carbonyl Sulfide
 CS2 Carbon Disulfide
 Cyclo-hydrocarbons Cyclo-hydrocarbons
 D2 Deuterium
 Fluorocarbons Fluorocarbons
 GeCl4 Germanium Tetrachloride
 GeF4 Germanium Tetrafluoride
 GeH4 Germane
 GeH4 Germane (1-10%)
 H2 Hydrogen
 H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
 H2Se Hydrogen Selenide
 Halocarbons Halocarbons
 HBr Hydrogen Bromide
 HCl Hydrogen Chloride
 He Helium
 HF Hydrogen Fluoride
 Hydrocarbons Hydrocarbons
 Kr Krypton
 N2 Nitrogen
 N2O Nitrous Oxide
 Ne Neon
 NH3 Ammonia
 NO Nitric Oxide
 NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
 O2 Oxygen
 O3 Ozone
 PH3 Phosphine
 PH3 Phosphine (1-10%)
 SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride
 Si2H6 Disilane
 SiCl4 Silicon Tetrachloride
 SiClH3 Monochlorosilane
 SiCl2H2 Dichlorosilane
 SiCl3H2 Trichlorosilane
 SiF4 Silicon Tetrafluoride
 SiH3CH3 Methyl Silane
 SiH4 Silane
 SO2 Sulfur Dioxide
 Xe Xenon