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MOCVD. MATHESON’s parent company, Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation (NSHD), was the first to develop Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition equipment to produce compound semiconductors.


Providing Turnkey MOCVD Solutions - including Equipment Systems, Gases, Gas Systems, and Site Services.

Compound semiconductors are used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and in blue and white LEDs, as well as in power electronics, ultraviolet light, and RF applications. 

With TNSC’s world class MOCVD equipment as the focal point, MATHESON is uniquely qualified to provide end-to-end solutions for MOCVD users in North America and other parts of the world.

This equipment is well-known worldwide for its exceptionally stable performance. 


MATHESON’s Core Competencies in MOCVD Systems Technology

MATHESON complements the world class TNSC MOCVD Equipment with its own world class competencies in materials, gases, equipment, and site services. 

These offerings include systems engineering, piping design and installation services, materials and gases, all applicable gas handling equipment, analysis and monitoring systems, specialized Cl2 dry cleaning systems, purification, and exhaust gas abatement solutions.

Further, MATHESON Site Services is positioned to manage and maintain – and even staff – your gas-usage operations … thereby delivering a true “end-to-end” MOCVD production solution.


MOCVD Production Systems Are Individually Customized

Every MOCVD “Tool” is individually customized to customer requirements, but there are 12 core system models from which to choose, depending on production requirements.


Gas Flow Design in MOCVD Production Systems

To promote uniformity of surface reactions, gas flow geometry and control is critical. Two proprietary designs, one incorporating side-positioned gas inlets, and the other featuring center-out radial gas dispersion, both ensure well-controlled precursor dispersion, stable operation, and maximum results.

Drawing of MOCVD Optimized Gas Flow Side Inlet

Side Inlet Design illustration



MOCVD Cleaning Designed for Maximum Tool Uptime

TNSC MOCVD tools are designed so that the liners can be replaced quickly without chamber disassembly, which results in a big improvement in productive uptime. Some models are designed with provisions for robotic transfer of cleaning parts – for additional uptime improvement.


Other TNSC MOCVD Reactor Features

  • Flexible support for various customer needs including MOCVD system configuration, heating system, etc.
  • Automated transfer of wafer holder and ceiling plate
  • Three-layer laminar flow gas injection
  • Control of wafer temperature distribution by external power input balance
  • Control of Al composition distribution in a bowing wafer
  • Only TNSC MOCVD can provide atmospheric pressure growth
  • Systems for 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 inch wafers





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turnkey MOCVD solutions

In addition to supplying MOCVD tools, MATHESON/TNSC is able to supply - on a global basis - complete technology solutions for MOCVD, including gases, onsite gas solutions, specialty gases and materials, Nanochem UHP gas purification, UHP gas delivery systems, LETV Ammonia Delivery Systems, Cl2 Dry Cleaning Systems, exhaust and vent gas control and abatement, and total site management services for gas users.

drawing of MOCVD Optimized Axial Gas Inlet Diagram
Axial Inlet Design illustration