Gas Safety in Additive Manufacturing

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For Gas Safety, you can count on the experience and know-how of The Gas Professionals™.


Gas Safety: Managing the Risks.

All gases - even compressed air - present some safety risks. We all know that these risks can be managed, and that even gases with high risk can be used safely. For AM gas users, the gases used - argon and nitrogen, and some mixtures - typically pose low risk.

High Pressure and Heavy Weight. Compressed gases such as argon and nitrogen are stored and used at high pressure in heavy cylinders. 

  • We provide our customers around the world with gas handling equipment, storage racks, cylinder carts and other safety products. 

Extreme Temperature. Liquid argon is a cryogen, with a storage temperature of minus 303°F.

  • MATHESON is an experienced producer, handler, and provider of cryogens. Our team can provide guidance and products for safe storage, handling, and use of cryogenic products.

Toxicity. Nitrogen and argon are considered inert and non-toxic. When not vented, nitrogen will partially rise, and argon will fall and gather at the floor - both will displace oxygen in ambient air, which can lead to "asphyxiation risk" in confined spaces.

  • The normal oxygen content in air is about 21%. When argon (or any gas) is not vented properly, this reduces the concentration of oxygen in ambient air, which becomes a breathing risk below 19%. MATHESON can provide guidance and tools for proper venting; and every confined or partially-confined space should use oxygen deficiency monitors to measure oxygen levels in real time.


MATHESON is Your Partner in Safety

MATHESON can help. We can point you to best practices for safe gas usage, and we can provide you with the right tools and equipment used for gas storage, handling, venting, and monitoring.



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MATHESON's Gas Optimization Tools for AM include:

  • Supply of argon, nitrogen, other gases, and gas mixtures
  • Design and installation of gas storage and piping systems
  • 3DPro™ gas switchover supply panels for uninterrupted gas supply 
  • 3DPro™ source and point-of-use gas purifiers
  • 3DPro™ purge assemblies
  • Ultra-High-Purity gas sensors and analysis systems
  • Gas handling safety equipment and training programs


Gas Optimization for Additive Manufacturing