Additive Manufacturing: Gas Technologies R & D

Gas Technologies for Additive Manufacturing

R & D in Gas Technologies and their applications is conducted in laboratories in the US and in Japan.


Ongoing Gas Technologies Research  
With Important Tools at Our Fingertips

MATHESON and parent company TNSC established Gas Technologies and Applications Laboratories decades ago, in both the US and in Japan.


Technical Support

How Our Labs Support Additive Manufacturing

Beyond research, our laboratories are able equipped with Additive Manufacturing Systems to enable us to deliver:

  • Gas Selection Recommendations
  • Gas Purity Recommendations
  • Feasibility Tests
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Demonstrations
  • Process Development
  • Process Optimization
    • Gas Selection and Application
    • Powder Utilization
    • Heat Treatment Recommendations



Our R & D Encompasses Many Technologies Related to Metal Fabrication 

These advanced facilities study and promote developments in areas such as:

  • Oxy-fuel cutting
  • Arc welding
  • Heat treating and sintering
    • Moisture measurement and control
    • Gas atmosphere conditions
    • Gas purging
    • Furnace analysis for better gas purging
  • Oxy-fuel burners (EAF iron melting)
  • Electronics gases and materials
  • Gas mixture development
  • Gas flow dynamics
  • Gas purification
  • and, of course, Additive Manufacturing

We utilize tools for numerical simulation, prototype testing, and process visualization (such as high speed video, thermography, schlieren photography).





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    Fully Equipped AM Laboratory for Testing and Development



    gas flow simulations in the chamber

      Simulations of Gas Flow in the Printing Chamber


    3D Printing Behavior

      High Speed Camera Photo of Powder Bed Metal 3D Printing Behavior


    advanced imaging for gas technology