Metal Powders and Printers for Additive Manufacturing

printers and metal powders for additive manufacturing

MATHESON and parent company TNSC have partnered with Class-Leading Providers of metal powders and printers for Additive Manufacturing.


One-stop Solution Provider for Metal AM

As our commitment to your success in Additive Manufacturing, we have partnered with leading providers of metal powders and 3D printers.

This enables us to help you develop and optimize your AM process, while also providing you with the levels of confidence and sustainable support that you can expect from a single point of supply and service.



LPW Technology  

Specialized metal powder supplier for Metal AM applications

  • Comprehensive range of premium off the shelf metal powders customized for your specifications
  • Quality control software package to manage data from powders across multiple locations and machines
  • Powder lifecycle management system to control risk
  • See: LPW Technology (opens LPW Website)




Top manufacturer in DED (Direct Energy Deposition) process

  • DED enables not only new part printing, but also to add materials to existing parts
  • Joint development with MATHESON in shield gases
  • DED is cost competitive, part adaptable, and highly efficient
  • Flexible systems for wide-ranging end-user applications:
    • building prototypes to volume manufacturing
    • repairing metal components to remanufacturing old parts
  • See: Optomec LENS Printers (opens Optomec Website)



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