Gas Supply for Additive Manufacturing

gas supply for additive manufacturing

MATHESON can supply the pure gases or gas mixtures you need for Additive Manufacturing - in any purity and in any scale, from cylinders to bulk - including onsite gas production.


Gas Supply and Gas Purification for Additive Manufacturing

MATHESON and its parent company TNSC are global suppliers of bulk gases (Ar, N2, H2, O2, CO2, He), plus a full line of industrial and specialty gases in cylinders. Additionally, we design and build onsite gas production facilities and provide delivery of gases by pipeline.


Gas Supply Options

MATHESON supplies gases, all types of gas handling equipment, and systems for gas management and delivery.

We completely support every product we offer - sometimes in the form of a simple product or material recommendation, and other times as complex as a consultative arrangement for gas sub-system design, buildout, and testing.

gas supply options


Depending upon your current operation, we can supply high purity gases and gas mixtures:

  • In cylinders and cylinder banks
    • For smaller scale requirements and/or intermittent operation
    • Cylinder banks can be equipped with switchovers so that operation does not need to go off-line for a cylinder change
  • In larger containers or by liquid bulk delivery (by tanker truck)
    • For continuous operation of multiple machines, multiple production shifts, or for supply of fabrications requiring larger gas consumption 
    • A variety types and sizes of gas vessels and liquid containers are available to address any need
  • By onsite gas production with high capacity purification
    • The largest fabrication operations sometimes benefit from onsite gas production for the gases with the highest use
    • Onsite gas production can support continuous, steady-state operational requirements

MATHESON helps you assess your requirements, and then offers choices of suitable solutions - including cost-benefit information and return on investment (ROI) calculations. 


Gas Optimization and Certification

MATHESON offers a comprehensive range of services and products to help our customers address concerns for quality, traceability, or process compliance.

We begin by helping you select the optimal supply system for required for your application, quality, and usage demands.

We can design, install, and startup specialized systems for onsite gas generation and/or recycling. We supply you with (or alternatively, we perform) protocols for maintenance and performance certification.

Gas product certification and traceability documentation is also available.


Gas Based Solutions

Additive Manufacturing Process Optimization can often be addressed by:

  • Analysis of gas purity and composition
  • Remediation of issues associated with purity, moisture content, and gas leaks
  • Development and optimization of gas mixture composition

As "the Gas Professionals," determination of gas based solutions is "in our DNA."


Gas Purification for Consistent High Performance

To ensure optimized and repeatable production, MATHESON Nanochem Purifiers reliably minimize the presence of impurities - such as moisture - to ensure the best possible process performance and quality.


gas purifiers for Additive Manufacturing


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