Gas Equipment for Additive Manufacturing

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Gas Equipment includes pressure regulators, switchovers, and customized systems - for gas phase or liquid phase gas products.


Gas Equipment for Additive Manufacturing

For any size AM production facility, and for any type of AM application, there exists the fundamental need to get the gas from the container to the point of use... safely, reliably, and uniformly.

A Core Competency at MATHESON

From simple regulator-and-flexhose systems to more complex production room or whole-site gas distribution systems, MATHESON is well-known for its expertise in moving gas from the container to the point of use.

Hardware Ideal for Use in AM switchover panel for additive manufacturing

Our 3DPro™ Switchover Panel (shown with a companion Source Purifier Panel) enables uninterrupted gas supply for long builds.

  • Safety features to protect you and your 3D printing equipment
  • Sturdy long-lasting system with all stainless steel parts and armored flex hoses
  • Consistent delivery pressures up to 150 PSIG

How It Works

The switchover technology is based on pressure differential - a simple, elegant and reliable technology. The key point being if two sides are trying to fill the same space, the side with the higher pressure wins.

The 3DPro™ Switchover system is configured so the left side cylinder regulator is fixed at a specific delivery pressure of 200 psig. The right side cylinder regulator is set so it delivers at either 175 psig or 225 psig.

The left side cylinder will continue to deliver gas until its cylinder pressure drops below 175 psig at which point the right side takes over again with its full cylinder waiting with a regulator delivery pressure setting of 175 psig.

Once the right side cylinder has taken over, rotate the knob clockwise so that the arrow points to the right, making the right side delivery pressure setting 225 psig, allowing a technician to changeout the left side cylinder.

All Types of Gas Handling Equipment

In addition to the 3DPro™ Switchover Systems, MATHESON is ideally positioned to help you configure and install any other type of gas handling equipment solution for your facility - including site-wide solutions.



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3DPro™ Gas Switchover and Purifier System for Additive Manufacturing.


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MATHESON's Gas Optimization Tools for AM include:

  • Supply of argon, nitrogen, other gases, and gas mixtures
  • Design and installation of gas storage and piping systems
  • 3DPro™ gas switchover supply panels for uninterrupted gas supply 
  • 3DPro™ source and point-of-use gas purifiers
  • 3DPro™ purge assemblies
  • Ultra-High-Purity gas sensors and analysis systems
  • Gas handling safety equipment and training programs


Gas Optimization for Additive Manufacturing