Systems for Argon Recovery and Reuse

50_argon recycling for additive manufacturing

Argon Recovery and Recycling can be a cost-effective option for medium and large AM facilities.


Consider Argon Recycling

In the typical AM facility, argon cost is one of the highest recurring costs in the AM process. The Good News is that Argon is well suited to being captured, purified, and reused.

MATHESON has been designing and deploying systems for recycling gases such as argon for many years. Each system is specifically designed to fit the requirements of the site.

If you think you might be a candidate for argon capture and reuse, we will work with you to optimize your gas stream systems, and to calculate the anticipated ROI for an argon supply agreement that incorporates recycling. Please ask.

Point of Use or Plant-Wideargon recycle system

The high performance systems are available as:

  • A stand-alone POU (Point of Use) low cost solution suitable for argon recovery from multiple printers with a total argon requirement of up to 300 l/min and pressure of up to 100 psig.
  • A plant-wide argon recovery system for larger additive manufacturing operations.

With virtually no limit on the number of feed points, recovered argon purity and flow variability, MATHESON’s argon recovery systems are capable of re-purifying argon to UHP (Ultra High Purity) quality. The system is suitable for outdoor installation without wasting valuable shop floor space.

Argon recovery systems offer these advantages:

  • High argon recovery efficiency
  • High recycled argon purity
  • Flexible capacity
  • Automatic, unattended operation
  • State-of-the-art process controls with Statistical Control and Data Acquisition capability
  • Real-time monitoring of recycled argon purity
  • Integral, on-line regenerable purifier
  • Low installation and startup time and costs
  • Low operating costs, utility, and maintenance requirements
  • Environmentally friendly – no water consumption, no waste streams



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3DPro™ Argon Recycling for Additive Manufacturing.


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MATHESON's Gas Optimization Tools for AM include:

  • Supply of argon, nitrogen, other gases, and gas mixtures
  • Design and installation of gas storage and piping systems
  • 3DPro™ gas switchover supply panels for uninterrupted gas supply 
  • 3DPro™ source and point-of-use gas purifiers
  • 3DPro™ purge assemblies
  • Ultra-High-Purity gas sensors and analysis systems
  • Gas handling safety equipment and training programs


Gas Optimization for Additive Manufacturing