Integrated Solutions for Additive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing (“3D Printing”) – Improve your productivity with our integrated solutions including Gas Supply, Gas Purification, Metal Powders, 3D Printers, and Technology Resources.


Gases, Gas Purification, Printers, Materials, and Support for the Serious Work of Additive Manufacturing.

MATHESON and its parent, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC), have partnered with major equipment and material providers to engineer customized solutions for the Additive Manufacturing process. 


At MATHESON/TNSC, our core competencies include the production and blending of industrial and specialty gases, as well as gas handling equipment and gas/fluid purification.

As a complete "one-stop total supplier" we have partnered with Optomec (3D printers) and LPW (metal powder products) to bring forward complete, sustainable, and supportable Additive Manufacturing Programs for customers worldwide.

By combining world class Gas Supply, best of breed Powders & Printers, and expertise in Gas Technology, our aim is to help you unlock improvements in your overall productivity while reducing your overall costs.

Gas Supply | Gas Purification | 3D Printers | Metal Powder Products | Technology R&D

Combined to improve safety, productivity, and efficiency in Additive Manufacturing.

MATHESON/TNSC utilizes its unique position in process engineering and analytical chemistry to assist customers in optimizing their Additive Manufacturing applications.


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Products and Services for Additive Manufacturing

Gas Supply and Purification

Depending upon your application, we can supply gases and gas handling products:

  • high purity gases and gas mixtures in cylinders
  • on-site production using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) air separation and purification
  • bulk and small-bulk delivery 

To ensure optimized and repeatable production, MATHESON Nanochem Purifiers reliably minimize the presence of impurities - such as moisture - to ensure the best possible process performance and quality.

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Cutting Edge 3D Printers 

Optomec LENS (Laser Engineered Net Shaping) 3D Printers offer levels of precision and reproducibility that are required for high performance additive manufacturing processes.

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High Performance Metal Powder Products

Additive Manufacturing can be optimized only if every aspect of the process is optimized. High purity, precision metal powders are developed for MATHESON/TNSC by LPW without compromise.

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Post-Printing Heat Treatment

To maximize the quality of the finished product, technology experts at MATHESON/TNSC can develop and recommend heat treating processes for post-printing application.

Heat treating and annealing processes can contribute to product strength, appearance, ductility and other mechanical properties - including handling and piece readiness for subsequent manufacturing steps.

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Support and Application Development

From our own Additive Manufacturing Research and Testing Laboratory, MATHESON/TNSC offers:

  • Technical Support
  • Gas Selection Recommendations
  • Gas Purity Recommendations
  • Feasibility Demonstrations
  • Process Development
  • Process Optimization

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All AM Technologies Are Supported by MATHESON/TNSC

MATHESON/TNSC, together with our 3D Printing partners, OPTOMEC and LPW Technology, fully supports the Direct Energy Deposition (DED) process - end-to-end - including access to our own DED-equipped AM R&D Laboratory.

In our lab, we can perform feasibility tests, develop prototypes, optimize all aspects of the process, and investigate post-printing fabrication options.

For gas technology, gas supply, including gases, delivery systems, and gas certifications, MATHESON also supports other 3D Printing/AM processes, including Powder Bed Fusion.

support all AM platforms


For information about how MATHESON/TNSC can support your AM Application - regardless of what process you are using, please contact us (see contact information above).