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MATHESON's Program for Welding Instructors and Students: Welding education is essential to our future position in a global economy … in construction, manufacturing, technology, engineering, and so much more.


MATHESON Welding Education Program for Students and Instructors.

Welding education is essential for a sustained supply of qualified welders for tomorrow. These are the welders that will continue the work of the current generation; and these are the welders that will break new ground in the name of progress.

MATHESON proudly participates in local, regional, and national events (such as SkillsUSA), contributing the expertise and the time of our Gas Professionals.




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For Welding Classes and Instruction

Our formalized Youth Reach Program is designed to provide benefits to both welding students and welding instructors.

Welding Students

We offer a student discount program that helps students get started with the tools and equipment they need. Our specially-priced Starter Kits include helmet, gloves, safety glasses, chipping hammer, tape measure, and other essentials.

Welding Instructors

Our Welding Instructor Kit includes a classroom poster, student discount information, gas handling safety handbook, and more – including information on state-funded grant programs. MATHESON has also prepared a short orientation lecture (given by MATHESON personnel) that can be given in the classroom.

Getting Started with the Welding Education Programphoto of welding classroom safety poster

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Acknowledgement: Photos above of welding lab workstations are courtesy of Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton MD



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If you are a welding student or welding instructor - at any level - be sure to ask about MATHESON's programs for Welding Education.

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