Gas Handling

Gas Handling equipment and related information

Cryogenic Storage

MATHESON offers scalable turnkey cryogenic storage solutions to meet the needs of any size hospital, medical or research laboratory, biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, and even the largest biological samples repository.


Gas Delivery Systems

Gas Delivery Systems - MATHESON’s experience within the laboratory environment has culminated in an innovative approach to providing efficient control and distribution of gas, delivery pressure, purity and purification with the LabGas Systems products.


Flow Measurement

MATHESON Flow Measurement and Control products include a broad range of flowmeters and rotameters, plus gas proportioners, gas mixers, mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers, plus systems for gas blending and gas dilution.


Gas Detection

MATHESON offers an extensive line of quality gas detection products specifically designed to assure your working environment is a safe place. We have been handling gases safely for more than eighty-five years. Products include portable, wearable, and fixed detectors.



MATHESON proudly offers a broad line of gas pressure regulators - including brass regulators, stainless steel regulators, and Monel regulators - in single stage and dual stage regulator designs, and suitable for a wide range of applications.