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In addition to the data and information on this web site, MATHESON has prepared a complete catalog, an informative summary brochure, and two “line cards” which briefly list the various products offered. Click on the links below to view, download, and/or print the item of your choice. Thank you for your interest!


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Gas Handling Equipment for Wine Making - gas pressure regulators and flow meters suitable for use in the wine making process.

Specialty Equipment for Wine Making - gas blanketing devices, snow horns, pressure transfer devices, dispensers, sanitary fittings, and many more.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Products - a selection of cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

Conversion Data - tables for converting weight to gas and liquid volumes, and other conversions.

Product and Application Literature - (this page).


About our Wine Making Specialty

Our wine making specialists are domiciled in the heart of wine country in California. But our reach is national through all of the MATHESON network in the US. Beyond the US, our reach is global through our MATHESON-owned affiliates, our parent-owned affiliates, and our channel partners.

Also count on MATHESON for the equipment used in wine making such as blanket devices, sparging stones, barrel gassing systems & components, hose, valves, and so forth. You can also rely on our experience to help you select and deploy these tools.

Click on the Location Finder at the top of this page for information on how to contact the MATHESON location nearest you.

MATHESON Supplies Gases, Dry Ice, and Equipment for Using Gases in Wine Making

  • Argon
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Sulfurous Acid
  • Dry Ice
  • Gas Handling Equipment
  • Specialty Tools and Equipment